Build your brand with film!

Reach more people and leave a lasting impression.

Here’s a selection of different video productions that are shot and edited by BrikFilm.

BrikFilm specialises in event films, recruitment films, music videos and wedding films.

Please Get in touch for specific work examples.

My name is Brik (Alberik) and I’m what they call a “videographer”. I do both filming and video editing.

I have a strong love for telling stories, with the camera and the editing room as my favourite tools.

As a camera operator I look for the story. As an editor I tell the story.

It’s been my experience that doing post-production work makes you better at filming and vice-versa.

Editing my own footage also means I can work more efficient.

But in the end it’s all about telling the best story possible!

In need of some filmic branding?

KvK: 66878780

BTW: NL077149580B02


KvK: 66878780BTW: NL077149580B02Amsterdam